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赤ん坊時代から2年半前までは、度々入退院を繰り返しましたが、多くの方々のご支援やフェルデンクライス メソッド(ニューロ ムーブメント)や音楽、自然などから良い影響を受け、年々体調も良くなり、今年は毎日笑顔で過ごせるようになりました。
Today is my boy`s 6th birthday!
Lots of people have been helping us since he was poorly in the hospital two and a half years ago, and he also has been influenced by the Feldenkrais Method, music and nature.
Consequently his condition has been getting better, and now he lives with a smile on his face.
My son doesn`t speak yet, but he responds with a smiling face. I know full well that children like my son who can`t speak, nevertheless still have language and thoughts in their minds.
Just because something is invisible does not mean it doesn't exist.
I think the best way forward is to cherish being with him, without rushing him, and slowly enjoying his development.
Thank you very much, everybody for all your support.😍

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